Give Yourself, Your Family And Pets The Immune Boost That They Deserve!

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Silver Holistics Colloidal Silver

Silver Holistics Colloidal Silver is Non-GMO, Gluten and Allergen-Free. It’s one of the purest, safest and most effective colloidal silvers available today. Implement it in your daily health regimen and give yourself the immune system boost that you’re searching for. It’s safe for children and pets, so share with the family and give them the immune boost they deserve.

Silver Holistics – 16 oz Glass Bottle


Silver Holistics – 4 oz Mist Sprayer with Dropper


About us

Silver Holistics is a family owned business. We take great pride in our products. Originally from the cold winters of New York City, we now reside in sunny Florida which also happens to experience a brutal rainy/hurricane season every year.

We understand the stresses that different environments can place on the immune system and have always strived to find the safest, healthiest, most affordable, all-natural way to keep our immune systems happy.

From our pets to our children to the adults we’ve been fortunate enough to avoid any major illnesses. We all supplement our diet with colloidal silver and it’s been life-changing.

We’d like to wish you wealth, happiness, and good health!

The Silver Holistics Family