Why Silver Holistics

Welcome to Silver Holistics, you’re probably here because you’ve decided to learn more about Colloidal Silver products. There is a lot of conflicting information on the internet about the benefits and side-effects of using Colloidal Silver. We’ve collected all of this information and summarised it in an easily understandable way for you to read.

What is Colloidal Silver?

Colloidal silver is loosely defined as a suspension of very small silver ions and silver particles – evenly dispersed – in a water-based solution.

The “nano-meter” is the unit of measure used when referring to these ions or particles. This is where the common term “nano-silver” derived.

Understand that the word “nano” only refers to size and not the type of silver. Again, it’s just a common term used to describe that it’s nano-meter sized silver.

Imagine magnifying the thickness of a strain of human hair to represent the distance of 1 mile. Now, imagine a pea somewhere within that one-mile stretch. That is how small a nano-sized silver ion or particle can be.

Why Silver Holistics Colloidal Silver?

Silver Holistics Colloidal Silver was created with you, the consumer, in mind first. After using colloidal silver personally with our families and friends and noticing the continued beneficial results we decided to share it with the world.

We’re dedicated to providing the cleanest and most effective colloidal silver possible so that you can enjoy the benefits as well. We use 99.99% silver with the highest quality of pure distilled water in the cleanest facility to ensure the perfect product for you.

Our 10 PPM colloidal silver is high in ionic content. The silver ions are much more easily absorbed and effective than the large particles found in others. And you can be assured that there are no other hidden ingredients.

We also ensure the quality of your silver by bottling it in a glass container vs a plastic one which would leak contaminants into your silver. The colored glass is an added step to protect your silver from sunlight and ultraviolet rays which could potentially reduce the effectiveness of your silver.

The end result is you have the best colloidal silver possible delivered straight to your door.

Silver Ions vs Silver Particles

A silver “ion” is a single atom of silver that is missing its one and only electron from its outer most valence ring. Because of its unbalanced state after the loss of its valance electron, a silver ion possesses a “positive” charge.

A silver “particle” is 2 or more silver atoms bonded together. Technically, a silver coin can be rightfully described as a silver particle, but it can NOT be described as a silver “nano-particle” because it is much out of range to be measured in nano-meters.

Silver ions have the greatest potential for surface area and has shown to be more effective than silver particles. This is because silver “ions” are single entities whereas silver “particles” can be hundreds or even thousands of silver atoms bonded together. This bonding increases the size of the silver “particle” making it harder for the body to absorb.

Silver Holistics Colloidal Silver contains 98% “positively” charged silver “ions” whereas other brands with extremely high ppm are high in silver “particles” which are more difficult for the body to absorb.

The higher the ppm the higher the chance of particles forming in your colloidal silver. This is a guaranteed act of physics.

10 PPM or 500 PPM

Let’s first take a look at what PPM means. PPM = Parts Per Million. PPM (Parts per million) is a way of expressing very diluted concentrations of one substance in another.

1 PPM of silver equates to 1 milligram of silver per 1 million milligrams of water-base.

When referring to silver, PPM is in reference to a quantity and not a type of silver. This is important to note.

Let’s also note that silver “ions” are much more effective than silver “particles” due to the fact they are easier to absorb and provide more surface area in the body. Simply explained, silver ions are single atoms of silver and silver particles are multiple atoms of silver bonded together (making them much larger than ions). Since thousands of silver atoms can be bonded in a single “particle” this is one major factor which renders the silver particle less effective than the ion.

One does not need to be a genius to understand that the higher the parts per million in a solution the higher the chance for silver atoms to bond together and form huge particles. It is a simple law of physics and it must happen. This is the case with the extremely high PPM solutions of silver. They contain extremely high amounts of silver particles which are not easily absorbed by the body thus rendering them less effective than the lower PPM which contain higher amounts of the smaller and easier to absorb silver “ions”.

Let’s also mention that in order to make these extremely high PPM solutions of colloidal silver possible the manufactures are using additives not listed on their labels. These are protein and citrate-enriched solutions that contain very large particles of “silver-complexes’ that will not pass through the body.

If you’re looking for the safest most effective route than avoid the extremely high PPM formulas. Choose a lower PPM with higher ionic content.